About Us

  Doerun Gin Company, Inc.
6522 Highway 133 North
P.O. Box 550
Doerun, GA 31744

Phone: (229) 782-5278
Fax: (229) 782-7402

General Manager:
Office Manager:
Gin Representative:
Tom Sumner
Julie Hardy
Randy Bryant
Linda Taylor
Doerun Gin Company, Inc offers:
  • The Uster Intelligin System, a computerized online gin process control which offers improved fiber properties, increased staple length, an increase in fiber strength and an increase in turnout for the grower.
  • Free Marketing Assistance -- We will assist producers with developing a personal marketing plan. We provide free training on various marketing, hedging and price protection strategies.
  • We offer low ginning rates, high cottonseed values, and outstanding customer service with a courteous professional staff.
  • We feature block ginning and make remnants. In other words, all of your modules are ginned together and the last of your cotton module is not included in the next producer's module.
  • We offer a competitive basis that is designed to offer the producer the maximum profit on any grade. There are no hidden charges>
  • We weigh cottonseed. We do not use a factor to calculate your seed production.
  • We do not charge to haul modules or trailers.
  • We do not charge compression.
  • We do not charge for module builders.
Our goal at Doerun Gin Company, Inc is to provide the cotton producer with the best ginning experience available. We continuously strive to find ways to improve the ginning process and increase the producers net return

If you would like to discuss what Doerun Gin Company, Inc. could do for you, please call Tom Sumner, General Manager.

Doerun Gin Company, Inc. operates a federally licensed warehouse with the ability to store over 50,000 bales of cotton. Our warehouses are insured and protected against fire and other damage. We have an excellent warehouse staff that keeps our facilities clean and organized which keeps our producer's cotton clean and safe.